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Political Macros

Post some fucking politicians!

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This is a community for posting political macros. In short, pictures of politicians (or politically-themed pictures, in general) with text on them. Check inside for an example or two If you are looking for a place talk about politics, let us suggest politics. You'll fit in quite well there.

A few quick guidelines:
1. All posts must contain a political macro of some sort.
2. Troublemakers will be banned at the discretion of the maintainer.
3. LJ-cuts are appreciated for exceptionally large images.
4. Posts requesting captions for plain photos should be behind an LJ-cut.
5. You may post tasteless macros, but put it behind a cut if necessary.
6. Do not use the community for personal promotion of any kind.
7. This is not a partisan forum!

Helpful pages for new members:
- Image Macro entry at Wikipedia
- Image Macro entry at Encyclopedia Dramatica

This community is new, so feel free to advertise!

Have a good time.